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Product Description

Design, maintain, and build a smart, secure database with FileMaker Pro 13 Advanced, which is used in both home offices and top Fortune 500 companies. This software allows you to create tables, manage fields, and design layouts that display your data. You can also find, import, export and sort data, create reports, write scripts, diagram relationships, and more. FileMaker Pro 13 Advanced includes all of the features of FileMaker Pro 13, plus a suite of advanced development and customization tools. Additional features include script debugger, a feature that pinpoints problem areas in scripts and script triggers, and external function plug-in API, which allows you to build calculations that are more robust and extend database capabilities, and more.

The new features offered in FileMaker Pro 13 Advanced include enhanced design and security and development tools such as database encryption, custom themes, styles, undo after save, field picker, control object visibility, and the redesigned Starter Solutions. Some of the more popular templates of the 16 prebuilt Starter Solutions allow you to create invoices, inventory, expense reports, and product catalogs in just minutes. In addition, you can easily modify the Starter Solutions for your own unique needs. After you have created your database, you can enable AES 256-bit encryption with FileMaker Pro Advanced to protect data on a FileMaker client or server.

Your database can also be used on the iPhone or iPad via the free FileMaker Go 13 app. You can include features such as bar code scanning to instantly to update inventory, or log research results in the field and send real-time updates to the lab. Templates included with FileMaker Pro 13 Advanced utilize the special features of mobile devices to capture signatures on the go, or take photos, videos, and audio to add them directly into your database.

What's New in FileMaker Pro 13 Advanced

New Design Features

Custom Themes
Customize existing themes, then save and reuse them across multiple layouts. This makes it easy to give all your databases a consistent look and feel. Plus, FileMaker Pro 13 Advanced also comes with even more ready-to-use themes.
Themes now include styles, which are sets of attributes like colors, fonts, and text sizes. Apply styles to objects, such as buttons, fields, and backgrounds. Create your own styles or customize existing styles, then save and reuse them across multiple layouts and objects. Modify a style once, and it changes everywhere.
Undo After Save
Undo changes in Layout mode, even after saving your layout and viewing it in Browse mode.
Redesigned Starter Solutions
Take design cues from the entirely redesigned Starter Solutions for Contacts, Assets, Content Management, and Invoices. Their fresh, new look takes advantage of new features in the FileMaker 13, including bar code scanning, popovers, and slide controls.
More Inspector Design Attributes
Control additional design attributes of objects using the expanded Inspector palette. Now you have control of these elements and more:
  • Inner/outer shadows
  • Padding
  • Text baselines
  • Layout backgrounds, including support for full-screen backgrounds, colors, and gradients
Field Picker
Create new fields or drag-and-drop multiple fields onto the form directly from Layout mode for more convenient control of field and label placements.
Getting Started Tour
Learn more about how to get started designing great-looking databases.
Control Object Visibility
Build more dynamic layouts with objects such as fields, buttons, or tab controls that can appear or disappear from your layout based on the results of a calculation.

New Features for iOS Support

Redesigned Layout/Report Assistant
Create layouts and reports that are optimized for different devices. Choose from a variety of iPad and iPhone sizes, and your layout will be automatically sized and themed to suit your selection.
Slide Control
Similar to a tab control, the new slide control lets you add multiple sliding panels to your forms to create changeable regions of content. Great for making the most use of valuable screen space on iPad and iPhone.
Swipe Gestures
Use swipe gestures to navigate faster on iPad and iPhone. Use a one-finger swipe gesture to change panels in a slide control, and a two-finger swipe gesture to change records.
Add iOS-style popovers to your layouts to group fields, add links, and display other details. Popovers also provide useful choices for navigating to new areas of the solution without opening multiple windows.
iOS Keyboard Types
Make data entry faster and easier with new keyboards types. Keyboards appear based on each field type, or as you specify in FileMaker Pro. New keyboard types include: ASCII, URL, email, numeric 10-key, numeric keypad, number and punctuation, and phone number.
Bar Code Scanning
Add bar code scanning to your FileMaker solutions running on iPad and iPhone, without requiring additional plug-ins. Supports UPC codes, QR codes and many more bar code formats.
Insert from Device
This script step controls what is entered into a container field by choosing from the following sources: music library, photo library, camera, video camera, microphone, or signature.
On Layout Size Change
When an iPad or iPhone has been rotated, a script is triggered which automatically changes the layout from portrait to landscape or vice versa.
On Gesture Tap
FileMaker Go can record a tap gesture on the screen and provide info about that gesture via the Get Trigger Gesture Info function to return details about the gesture.
Get Network Type
This function returns a number indicating the type of network being used to access the current file, local, unknown, cellular, or Wi-Fi.

New Development Features

Container Field Enhancements
Automatically get metadata from items stored in container fields using the Get Container Attribute function. More than 40 attributes can be returned based on the item stored in the container field, including filename, file size, make, model, artist, album, genre, composer, height, width, latitude, longitude, date created, date modified, and bar codes.
Calculated Tab Control Titles and Dialog Button Titles
Use the power of the calculation engine to specify the title of your tabs and custom dialog buttons.
Dynamic Locale Formatting
Format dates, times, and numbers based on the system settings on the computer running the solution, to make it easier to create solutions that will work in multiple geographic regions.
Use with the "Insert from URL" or "Import Records: XML Data Source" commands. It is very useful when uploading files or submitting a completed web form.
Perform Script on Server
This triggers a script to be performed on the server that is hosting the current file.
Upload to FileMaker Server
This script step opens the Upload to FileMaker Server dialog box to allow a file to be uploaded from FileMaker Pro Advanced to FileMaker Server.
Refresh object
This script step updates the content, conditional formatting, and visibility state for the specified object.
Get Device
Returns a number indicating the type of computer that is currently running FileMaker Pro or FileMaker WebDirect, or the type of iOS device that is currently running FileMaker Go.
"List of" Summary Field Type
Shows a list of all the values for a field in the found set. For example, you can use it to return a list of all the record IDs of your found set.
Get Modified Fields
Returns a list of fields that have been modified in the current record of the current table.
Get Script Animation State
Indicates whether or not animations are enabled for the current script.
Get Window Orientation
Returns a value indicating the orientation of the window on which the script is acting (not necessarily the foreground window).
Get Connection Attribute
Returns a value indicating whether the FileMaker Pro or FileMaker Go connection to the host uses SSL, including whether the server name matches the server-side certificate.
Base 64 Code/Decode
Encodes or decodes a container field into a text-based binary format for interchange purposes.
Get Layout Object Attribute
Returns a value indicating whether an object is hidden from the current layout.
Get Current Time UTC Millisecond
Returns the current time without time zone adjustments in the form of the number of milliseconds since 1/1/0001. UTC time zone adjustments must be applied to get your local time.

New Security Features

Get Encryption State Function
Returns a value representing the file's current encryption state.
Encryption State Indicator
Displays the encryption state for files hosted with FileMaker Server. A lock icon appears to indicate when connections to the server are encrypted and turns green if the connection is using a trusted security certificate.
Enable Database Encryption
Enable AES 256-bit encryption with FileMaker Pro Advanced to protect data on a FileMaker client or on FileMaker Server.

FileMaker Pro 13 Advanced Features

Script Debugger
Pinpoint problem areas in scripts and Script Triggers. Turn off Script Triggers when debugging to fine-tune the troubleshooting process.
Custom Menus
Create, change, or delete specific menu items or entire menu sets. Specify certain menus to only display when accessed on an iPad or iPhone.
Data Viewer
Monitor fields, variables, and calculations while troubleshooting.
Custom Functions
Build your own functions and copy, paste, and import them into any FileMaker database.
External Function Plug-in API
Build more robust calculations and extend database capabilities.
Multiple Table Import
Build or modify databases faster by importing multiple tables at once.
Runtime Maker
Create standalone runtime solutions that don't require FileMaker Pro.
Field & Table Replication
Copy field definitions into different tables or copy table definitions into other files for faster solution development.
Kiosk Maker
Build applications where all menus are hidden. Great for self-serve check-ins and mailing list sign ups.
Database Design Report
Run comprehensive reports on all elements of the database schema.

Get Started Quickly

Drag-and-drop Microsoft Excel files onto FileMaker Pro to create a database instantly.
Use the pre-designed Starter Solutions for managing contacts, tracking inventory, organizing projects, creating invoices, and more. Just import your data and customize the solution as you wish.

Create Custom Solutions with Ease

Add fields to track whatever type of information you'd like, including names, numbers, dates, documents, prices, pictures, and more.
Choose from a wide variety of coordinated themes to give your solution a professional look.
Control fonts, colors, backgrounds, shading, and more. Even add your company logo to further customize your forms.
Connect your information with the powerful Relationships Graph. For example, link customer data to invoices details.
Add buttons, scripts, calculations, and pop-up lists to automate repetitive tasks and speed data entry.

Access Data on the Go

Create custom database solutions in FileMaker Pro and run them in FileMaker Go for iPad and iPhone.
Add, edit, search, sort, and report on data on iPad and iPhone to instantly boost productivity for mobile users.
Host solutions with FileMaker Server, then instantly share in real-time with iPad and iPhone users.
Enable FileMaker WebDirect to access databases from web browsers.

Produce Reports and Charts in Minutes

Produce custom reports that group, sort, and summarize data in a way that's most valuable to your organization.
Create pie charts, bar charts, bubble charts, line graphs, and more.
Automatically email in PDF or Excel formats.

Share with you Team

Multi-platform support allows users on iPad, iPhone, Windows, or Mac to access the same database at the same time.
Includes advanced security options including user accounts, database passwords, field-level privilege sets, data encryption, and more.

Integrate with Industry-Standard Programs

Import and export a variety of formats, including .XLSX, .CSV, Tab, or XML.
Use the ODBC and JDBC standards to exchange and interact with data from other applications.
Connect with external SQL data sources including the latest versions of Oracle, Microsoft SQL Server, and MySQL.

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